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Integrated Language Arts and Writing Curriculum

This adaptive digital curriculum provides students with instruction and rigorous practice. The curriculum is based on two premises:

How does it all fit together?

Lessons are structured to give students exposure to reading, parts of speech, paragraph analysis, sentence composition, and sentence structures. Some exposures are for new concepts, while other exposures are to practice with concepts already introduced. This variation provides an engaging and rich continuous experience for the student moving from concept to concept through the course.

Students progressively work on content that interweaves instruction and practice in grammar, reading, and writing, including a variety of concepts and exercise types to encourage engagement.

Adaptive Motion

The adaptive motion engine ensures that students are challenged with the right level of material so they are working in their zone of proximal development. After a short course placement activity, the student is placed in one of 12 entry points into the program. After placement, the engine continually evaluates a student’s mastery of concepts and either advances the student forward or provides additional practice. In this way, the course moves the students at an appropriate pace, expanding and contracting as needed by the student.

Course Structure

Each grade level of the course is divided into 9-10 units, each of which centers around a form of writing or reading. See how Unit 5 in Grade 4 breaks down into lessons covering a variety of topics (some for the first time and some for review).

Explore the links below to see sample lessons from each grade level.

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4