See Redbird Mathematics in Action

Take a look at Redbird Mathematics in use in Dean Deaver’s 4th grade class at Monroe Elementary School in Riverside, CA. Monroe Elementary uses Redbird Math to support their focus on personalized learning and to reach all students.

Redbird’s Advantages

Guided by the world’s leading research, the extraordinary impact of our adaptive learning programs and implementation support model has been well illustrated by Stanford University’s work with select school districts throughout the United States. In the crowded world of educational technology, Redbird is distinguished by:



What Clients Are Saying

“We have been very pleased with the level of skill development that we see in our students. Each student can work at their own pace and at a level that challenges them. As a result, students enjoy the program and enjoy seeing their personal success.”

Head of School, CA

“As teachers, we find the program beneficial because students receive immediate feedback on the problems they work, helping them understand their own strengths and weaknesses. We also appreciate the fact that our grading, record keeping and reporting are done within the program

Teacher, CA

“This program helps me be more independent. It helps reinforce teacher lessons that have been taught.”

Student, AZ

“The people at Redbird are great people to work with. Everyone is very accommodating and very helpful.”

District Coordinator, CO

Redbird’s division offers highly personalized online courses designed specifically to help students become advanced learners. This site provides Tutor Supported courses, Independent Study courses, and other learning resources directly to students, parents and educators.

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