If personalization is the goal, Blended Learning is the path.

Blended Learning represents a fundamental shift in the classroom experience. It involves leveraging the best of in-person and digital instruction to personalize learning for all students. The Redbird team incorporates best practice and research to help schools and districts develop the highest quality Blended Learning environments. The Redbird Blended Learning Roadmap provides a framework for schools and districts to achieve 21st century learning through carefully planned, incremental steps and ongoing capacity building of teachers.

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Our Blended Learning Implementation Services: Built on a Foundation of Success

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Planning and Design

The building blocks that create the foundation for Blended Learning success.

Every district has a different starting point, unique needs and a specific vision. All of these factors inform the planning and design of your Blended Learning initiative. Our experts help determine your district’s readiness and map this against your goals. We work collaboratively with school and district leadership to build the ideal blended model, determine pace and scope of the rollout and help select the right mix of content and tools.

Blended Learning Models

Instructional Support

Helping leaders become capacity builders, and helping teachers become facilitators.

Blended Learning creates an incredible opportunity for students to engage more deeply in their learning and for teachers to facilitate enriched and expanded learning experiences. These shifts require targeted professional development to facilitate staff adoption and ensure program success. Our instructional support services are geared toward building local capacity. We help leaders gain the requisite skills to provide ongoing coaching to teachers, assess proficiency and drive fidelity. We support teachers in developing classroom routines, integrating online instruction into lessons, helping students become independent learners and using data to inform instruction.

Redbird Data Integration Platform

Powering personalization with simple, real-time, usable data and insights.

The Redbird Data Integration Platform (RDIP), powered by Education Elements, moves beyond analysis by informing instructional decisions and helping teachers take action.

The RDIP integrates student data from multiple systems and various digital curriculum providers, allowing teachers and instructional leaders to use a single interface to access simple, usable, real-time student progress information.

By increasing the efficiency of the feedback loop, teachers are able to respond quickly to individual student intervention and acceleration needs.

Features of the Redbird Data Integration Platform

Student Launchpad Teacher Workbench Administrator Tools
Single Sign-On: Provides easy access to digital content and applications Single Sign-On: Provides fast access to array of digital content providers Automated Account Provisioning: Create and update user accounts automatically with an array of integrated products
Journey Map: Shows progress feedback and achievement Data & Insights: Unified access to student activity, usage, and performance data across multiple sources Administrator Dashboard: View engagement, standards coverage and student performance data from multiple integrated products
Web Links: Allows students to directly access web resources assigned by the teacher Dynamic Grouping Tool: Group students as often as daily based on data from an array of integrated products 360 Degree View: See an integrated picture of results across digital content, benchmarks and formative assessments
Content Search and Assignment: Search, filter, preview and assign items from multiple OER repositories like Gooru & Knowmia