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A Roadmap for Blended Learning

In a 21st century classroom, the teacher becomes a facilitator, students become active owners of their learning, modalities of learning expand, and learning is personalized. Transforming today‚Äôs traditional classroom to the 21st century classroom is a complex endeavor. The Redbird Blended Learning Roadmap provides a framework for schools and districts to achieve 21st century learning […]

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#edtech for the Lay Person: How #erate et al Transforms Learning

Working with districts and schools in person and virtually day in and day out, it can be easy to forget that those who aren’t educators or those outside of the #edtech industry might not understand the myriad implications and applications for technology in and outside of the classroom to transform teaching and learning – the […]

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Ed Surge: How Redbird’s Helping to Reimagine #blendedlearning and Drive Growth in Puerto Rico

The U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico experienced some of the most impressive economic growth in the world in the second half of the 20th century. In order to successfully drive a new economic surge, the island is working on overhauling its education system so that it can develop 21st century professionals ready to compete in […]

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Games, Graphs and Glory: How Teachers Bring Digital Play to the Classroom

We’ve had a great time this Fall meeting educators and fellow #edtech companies at a number of edSurge’s Tech for Schools Summits across the U.S. Check out this recent @edSurge piece that takes a high level look at a recent Joan Ganz Gooney Center report on the popularity of technology in the classroom today. There’s […]

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The Fall and Rise of the Classroom

Classrooms as we know them are finished in the same way as Blockbuster Video and Barnes and Noble, cable TV and landline phones. Learning, however, is undergoing a Renaissance and the classroom that we’ve known must reinvent and adapt. Read the full op-ed from Jason Green, our Executive Director of Blended Learning and Professional Development.

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